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Aren't all Types of Cruises the Same?

Almost nothing measures up to a river cruise. Because they move at a comparatively slow pace you can really see and enjoy all the spectacular views, and the amenities they offer on board will make you feel pampered. Same? recreation Sailing Europe’s most prominent rivers, you will have plenty of opportunity to get off the boat to explore the picturesque cities, villages, and landscapes, while your time on board the ship will be equally fun with great activities, impeccable service, and top-notch dining options. All that, and you only have to unpack one time before kicking back to savor your holiday.

These ships will take you along ancient trade routes and modern cities, and everything in between. T It is a enjoyable, immersive experience where you can enjoy the ever-changing views along the banks of well-traveled waterways such as the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Douro, Volga as well as many other renowned rivers.

You will have plenty of time to get to learn about the local lifestyle at each location. In addition to guided tours, passengers can roam freely around local stops or organize optional shore outings.

There is no scarcity of entertaining activities to do at each port, from seeing local historic attractions to visiting museums to attending live performances of music or dance.

You will also be quite happy onboard the ship, as they truly have the best of amenities. The rooms have their own private restrooms, luxurious beds, personal refrigerators, televisions, safes to hold your valuables, and in-room temperature control. In addition, you will find free Wi-Fi, great bars and lounges, and top-notch eateries on each cruise. Many of the larger ships also have pools with sun decks, interesting shops, and libraries where you can relax with a good book.

The makings of a perfect vacation

When you combine all of this, with exceptional and personalized service from on-board staff, the result is a perfect vacation. Regardless of the time of year you travel, there will be fascinating cultural adventures available to you at each destination. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy local outdoor events and lively activities that only take place during the warmer months of the year.

To miss the inevitable crowds of tourists in the summer, think about traveling in the fall months, as the chillier weather will mean fewer people visiting each port of call. The winter season is a joy for anyone who enjoy the amazing Christmas markets found in many parts of the world, as well as other local holiday customs.

A river cruise is a fantastic way to go for anybody who would like to travel in comfort and style.
First-time cruise passengers will appreciate how simple traveling is on a river cruise and not have to be concerned much about getting seasick. In addition, with their emphasis on letting passengers experience the local lifestyle at each place, they are perfect for art and history fans, or anyone interested in travel in general.

Is a River Cruise Really Distinct from an Ocean Cruise?

There are both similarities and differences between ocean cruises and river cruises, so it is nice to understand both before deciding which is right for you. The ships for ocean cruises are generally bigger than those made for river cruises, and come with more accommodations in the individual rooms. Therefore, they are able to host significantly more travelers aboard. On river cruisers, since there are not as many passengers, the feeling is more intimate and you have more opportunity to really get to know fellow travelers.

In contrast to ocean cruises that can include several sea days, you will almost never experience a full day of sailing on a river cruise.

For the most part, passengers awaken each morning to find themselves in a new destination. The sensation of seeing new places is also felt while the ship is sailing since the outside view is constantly changing. First-time guests might want to start with a river cruise for several reasons including the fact that land is always in sight, the water is shallower, and the sailing is smoother, so there is virtually no risk of getting seasick.

Of course, with their bigger size, ocean cruises normally feature additional things like onboard gyms, live performances, and many more options for where and what to eat. But river cruises usually include features such as water, beverages (even alcohol), Wi-Fi, and many off-board activities in the overall price of the trip.

Sailing Europe’s Celebrated Rivers

The most captivating rivers in Europe can be yours to discover and enjoy.

Navigating rivers like the Loire, Elbe, Duoro, Rhine, Volga, Danube, and Dnieper is a memorable vacation experience.

Size doesn't matter.

In addition to exciting local excursions, these smaller, elegant river ships offer world-class dining and entertainment, elegant rooms with state-of the-art technology, and a full selection of amenities.

The ambiance is cozy and inviting with a sense of decadence. The itineraries allow for the most possible amount of time to be spent at ports of call. These in-depth encounters take you behind the scenes to see what makes living, working, and playing at your port of call memorable.

Discover these places through the stories revealed by its artists, history and culinary pleasures.

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